Some Ember Shares Remix Of ‘Thrashing Whip’

Some Ember shares 'Thrashing Whip' (Avalon Emerson Remix) , their new LP Out Now On Dream Recordings, Ember play their next show JuLy 16 in Tempe, AZ

Some Ember is Nina Chase and Dylan Travis.

Self-produced and recorded over a period of two years, the new full-length album from Calfornia duo Some Ember is the culmination of a range of experience for these two wanderers. Some Ember is rich with meaning, sonic creativity, and emotional energy, definitely a deparure from previous releases Hotel of Lost Light and Asleep in the Ice Palace. Here, cold synthesizers and harsh industrial beats dominate the A-side, while swirling drone and organic percussion characterize the unique second half. The voices of Dylan Travis and Nina Chase balance the record, their melodies anchoring things firmly in the pop realm.

Thematically, Some Ember explores the emotional contours of the perilous, exhilarating era in which it resides: channeling the free, open skies of California; cataloguing the oppressive grip of technological obsession; the deep contradictions inherent in life under the shadow of a crumbling post-colonial empire.

Some Ember Tracklisting:

1. River Walker
2. Shards
3. Shining
4. Mourning Jewelry
6. N. Green
7. Hotel
8. Pleasure
9. The Thrashing Whip
10. In Bloom

Tour Dates:

July 16:  The Parliament – Tempe, AZ *
July 17:  Whistle Stop, San Diego *
July 18: Complex (Maldoror), Los Angeles *
July 19: The Compound, SLO *
July 20: The Night Light – Oakland *
July 21: Arcata TBA *
July 23: Portland, OR – East End *
July 24: Olympia TBA *
July 25: Seattle – Black Lodge *
July 26: Vancouver – Electric Owl

* with Body Of Light & WIndow

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