Elliott Power Unveils FORMATION remix

Elliott Power Unveils FORMATION remix of “Sword Souls”. Announces debut album “Once Smitten”

What have lost Samurais, early Bjork, The Streets and Lord Kitchener have in common? It sounds like the punchline to a particularly surreal riddle, but the answer is that they are the wellsprings of the musical intensity which flows through Marathon Artists’ new signing Elliott Power. Power is ready to drop his deep and dramatic debut album Once Smitten.

Working in collaboration with James Lavelle’s seminal label Mo’Wax, Power drinks deep from the well of British electronic music to create something which genuflects towards the past while also creating something defiantly, refreshingly modern. His first single “Murmur” set the tone – a swaggering track with sensual, cinematic atmosphere about the need to break away and escape from societal norms. It is this staggering confidence which runs through Once Smitten – listen to the way the dark, dystopian beats of “Built on Greed” conjures up a world of slowly simmering anger and frustration, or how “Unfortunate” hits a liturgical tone, almost a hymnal yearning filling the song as a cloud of crackles and clicks rise up around it.


Once Smitten
Sink / Swim
Built On Greed
Who’s Who
Move Dust
Black End
Sword Souls
On The Windrush