Elephant Stone announce remix album

Elephant Stone announce remix album:

Elephant Stone, the psych rock band from Montreal, have announced a new remix album, featuring members of Young Galaxy, TOY, Caribou, Tahiti 80 and more. The album follows the release of the band’s recent full length Ship of Fools – out now on Elephants On Parade/Burger Records. The Remix of Fools EP is out September 18th. Ahead of the release, the band has shared Young Galaxy remix of “The Devil’s Shelter”.

Speaking about Young Galaxy’s remix frontman Rishi Dhir says:

“Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and I have known each other for years. We initially met when I was recording the first Elephant Stone album “The Seven Seas” in 2008 at Breakglass Studios with Jace Lasek. Jace had recorded Young Galaxy’s debut and Stephen would stop by the studio. Fast forward 5 years later and I would run into Stephen while playing with our kids in the local park. We’d always end up talking about music and gear. I appreciated Young Galaxy’s shift into more electronic territory and mentioned in passing my bubbling obsession with Acid House and how I’d always wanted to create an Acid House-meets-raga album… So, when we finally released Ship of Fools, he was the first person I contacted for a remix. From our conversations, I knew he understood what I wanted this remix to be… and he nailed it. Funny enough, this track was the springboard for our collaboration on the future “Elephant Stone presents Acid House Ragas”….


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