Daphni Drops New Single “Arrow”

Daphni has shared new single "Arrow," the track is off his new album Cherry, which drops via his imprint Jiaolong , on October 6, 2022
Daphni has shared new single "Arrow"

Daphni is the project of Caribou’s Dan Snaith, his new album Cherry, drops on October 7, 2022 via Snaith’s imprint Jiaolong. Today he has shared the LP’s new single Arrow”. In other news, Daphni has announced two upcoming DJ dates. In October he joins Hessle Audio’s lineup at London’s Printworks and in November he joins Eat Your Own Ears lineup at Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

Speaking of the track Snaith says:

“‘Arrow’ is one of those tracks that’s happy to sit still – a loop that is content to keep looping and less happy the more fussy the arrangement becomes. There have been some really special moments when I’ve played it out – it’s not ostentatiously showy, no big builds or drops… but it has a way of building a febrile atmosphere in a club. When repetition pays off, it’s like staring at a Magic Eye picture as everything clicks into focus.”

Whether in the studio or the club, Daphni has always been a pursuit where Dan Snaith lets the music find its own path. With Cherry this is more evident than ever, this sense of the tracks as objects with life and desires outside of Snaith’s control has now become a driving force in their creation. Recorded over a prolonged period, Snaith let the music go where it wanted to go. It wasn’t until he put everything he’d been tinkering with together that he realised what he had. “It’s weird that when the tracks were put in what felt like the right order it took on a new coherence” he says, “where it pings quickly from one idea to the next and, at least for me, hangs together in way that feels unified. Maybe because it’s hard to avoid the musical fingerprints I leave on the music I make, whether I want to or not.”

Domino Records

1. Arrow
2. Cherry
3. Always There
4. Crimson
5. Arp Blocks
6. Falling
7. Mania
8. Take Two
9. Mona
10. Clavicle
11. Cloudy
12. Karplus
13. Amber
14. Fly Away


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