“Eckhaus Latta” by Maddie Jay

“Eckhaus Latta” by Maddie Jay is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Maddie Jay photo by Audrey Steimer

Multi-artist Maddie Jay is sharing her new single, “Eckhaus Latta”. She has been writing and performing since she was a child in the small northern town of Smithers, BC She has been part of numerous diverse creative and collaborative settings since then. From studying jazz bass in Boston, to Los Angeles where she built a career as a touring musician with artists such as Remi Wolf, Lorde and Summer Walker, to featuring on Grammy winning artist RAC’s album Boy.

Her original music has always been a powerful tool of self actualization and expression, and has simmered alongside her travels for years. She truly feels she is at her best when she is sitting in her bedroom studio surrounded by Casio synths, drum machines and guitars, twisting knobs and pouring her heart into her computer.

“This song emerged as a stream of consciousness, a reflection on my position at the time. Even then, I knew I didn’t want to be trapped in this headspace. The lyrics weave through a tangle of conflicting desires and uncertainties, while also knowing ‘I wanna be anywhere but here.’

I was listening to LCD Soundsystem a lot at the time and saw them in concert in London. I was obsessed with the danceability of the music and also how you could literally hear the hands on the knobs of the synthesizers they were using – it all feels so human. I spent a majority of the time producing this song just experimenting, knob twisting and trying to find a feeling you could move your body to while also trying to stay very organic.”

Order “Eckhaus Latta” by Maddie Jay HERE


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