“Droopee” by Bread Pilot

Bread Pilot recently released their new LP New to You on May 27th via Double Double Whammy, their official debut full-length, as well as debut for the label. The band has shared three advance singles from the LP: the fuzzy, sunkissed “Skin Day,” the sinuous “Eye Listening,” and a new video “Droopee.”

Bread Pilot–Stephen Ibanez, Jr. (guitar/vocals), Taylor Hayden (guitar/vocals), and Evan House (drums)–met and began performing together in high school in Connecticut, and the album is a combination of songs that came out of years of writing and touring, and new ones crafted after the band (which now features Levi Nattrass on bass) relocated to Seattle, WA. The songs on New To You are pins on a map, sonic encapsulations of the distinct thrill of new places and the mundanity of familiar ones.

After moving to Seattle, the band—who shared a mutual admiration for The Microphones—were eager to record at The Unknown, an old Catholic church-turned cozy recording studio in Anacortes, WA, where Phil Elverum brought his songs to life. They worked tirelessly with producer/engineer Samuel Rosson (Great Grandpa, Death Cab for Cutie) to distill a decade’s worth of material into something new. The studio’s backdrop (panoramic views of nature, parks, and quiet small-town life, reminiscent of the band’s youth in Southbury, CT) made it easy to connect and record songs so rich with atmosphere and personal significance. Tracks like “Crook” and “Plat” are named after suburban landmarks from their early days: Crook Horn Road, where Hayden hosted basement shows in high school, and Platt Park, where the band often escaped to for some shared peace. Even the title, New To You, alludes to Hayden’s grandmother’s antique consignment shop, a permanent etching in his mind.

“The intimacy and vulnerability of these songs is something we were maybe a little scared to go fully fledged into in the past,” Ibanez recalls. “They feel really close because they are a time capsule of us as a band before our move. I had some of my first truly euphoric experiences alone at Platt Park, feeling at peace and connected to the earth.”

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