Dream Wife Announce Social Lubrication

Dream Wife will release their new LP Social Lubrication, on June 9 via Lucky Number. The LP was by mixed by Alan Moulder and Caesar Edmunds
Dream Wife announce new album Social Lubrication

Dream Wife announce their new album Social Lubrication, will drop on June 9, 2023 via Lucky Number. The self-written and self-produced album, mixed by duo Alan Moulder (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, Depeche Mode) and Caesar Edmunds (Wet Leg, Beach House). The album finds the band touching on subjects like bodily autonomy, dismantling the patriarchy and using your platform for the greater good, while truly translating the visceral nature of their riotous live shows to tape for the first time. Social Lubrication follows their their sophomore record So When You Gonna….

To celebrate the announcement of Social Lubrication, Dream Wife share “Hot (Don’t Date A Musician).” Inspired by Mjöll’s grandmother’s sage advice – despite the fact that she, herself, dated many musicians in her day – the angular track wryly pokes fun at musicians, the band included. “Dating musicians is a nightmare,” explains Mjöll. “Evoking imagery of late night make-outs with fuckboy/girl/ambiguously-gendered musicians on their mattress after being seduced by song-writing chat. The roles being equally reversed. Having a laugh together and being able to poke fun at ourselves is very much at the heart of this band. This song encapsulates our shared sense of humour. Sonically it is the lovechild of CSS and Motorhead. It has our hard, live, rock edge combined with cheeky and playful vocals.”

at the core of the album sits the live show. “The live show is the truth of the band,” says guitarist Go. “That’s at the heart of what we do and of the statements we’re making.” It’s this energetic, pedal-to-the-metal sound which wound up running through Social Lubrication like a live wire. You can hear it via the loud, dirty riffs and choruses built for dancing together in shared spaces. For Go, who produced the album, it was important to bottle this joyful, frenetic feeling within each song. “We wanted to get that rawness and energy across in a way that hadn’t been done before,” she says. The live show is, most importantly, where the band and fans come together.

In that way, Social Lubrication continues this celebration of community and is a middle finger to the societal barriers enforced to severe connection, playfulness, curiosity and sexual empowerment. “Music is one of the only forms of people experiencing an emotion together in a visceral, physical, real way,” says Go. “It’s cathartic to the systemic issues that are being called out across the board in the record. Music isn’t the cure, but it’s the remedy. That’s what Social Lubrication is: the positive glue that can create solidarity and community.”

“The album is speaking to systemic problems that cannot be glossed over by lube,” says Podpadec. “The things named in the songs are symptoms of f-ed up structures. And you can’t fix that. You need to pull it apart.”

Dream Wife
Social Lubrication
Lucky Number

1. Kick In The Teeth
2. Who Do You Wanna Be?
3. Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)
4. Social Lubrication
5. Mascara
6. Leech
7. I Want You
8. Curious
9. Honestly
10. Orbit

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