“Drain” By Softcult

"Drain" By Softcult is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The Canadian duo's new single is now available via streaming services
"Drain" By Softcult is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Ahead of the release of their new EP, see you in the dark, which drops this spring, the Canadian duo have shared the single “Drain. The track is a song about climate change; specifically, the shameless greed of corporations and the government officials that are fueling it. The track is noticeably darker than their last, the soft lush-grunge of “One Of A Million,” but considering its subject matter, it’s earned a right to be a little pissed off. Softcult consists of Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn.

Mercedes Arn-Horn about “Drain”:

“It’s disgusting how making a profit is a higher priority for those in power than a sustainable environment. Seeing hollow shows of performative “action” from these world leaders and multi-million dollar companies that don’t offer any actual solutions just adds to my frustration, because it feels like we’re being manipulated and lied to in the most disgustingly condescending way. There are people out there who could end world hunger right now in exchange for 10% less of their billions. There are legislations that could reverse climate change in time to save this dying planet and spare future generations a pretty horrific existence. But these bloated fucking dragons would rather die hoarding more wealth than they could ever spend in a lifetime than part with a little to help save the world. To think these billionaires actually give a shit about us or our quality of life is just naive. So because of the one percent’s greed, their legacy will be our eventual extinction.”

Softcult is building their own universe. With Phoenix running point on production, engineering, and artwork, Mercedes directing/editing their videos, and both writing astoundingly-intimate lyrics about self-empowerment amidst social, political, and environmental collapse, the duo is about as DIY as it gets. They even create and produce their own zine called SCripture, currently on Vol. 20, and are active participants in their Softcult Discord server, a safe online community for their fans


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