Dr. Fadeaway debuts new single “Glow”

"Glow" by Dr. Fadeaway
DR. Fadeawy

This week Detroit via LA Dr.Fadeaway AKA: Alathea Reese released her new danceable and catchy single “Glow”. The track is available via most streaming services.

Dr.Fadeaway on “Glow”

This tune was born out of a need for an outlet regarding real-life experience and a fixation on adding more danceable percussion to our mix. In the same vein, we wanted to mirror that feeling you get when you’ve realized you might want to change your life or be a different person, or even move in a direction you never thought physically possible. Like a light went on that you never knew existed; doubting if you can handle it…you give in and say, “what the hell?”, and give it a good, long, confident wink.


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