“Douk Saga” Pierre Kwenders

The Moonshine collective, recently released the follow-up, SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol 2. The compilation, includes Pierre Kwenders “Douk Saga.”
“Douk Saga” by Pierre Kwenders

The Moonshine collective, recently released the follow-up, SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol 2. The compilation, includes a brand new single from Moonshine co-founder Pierre Kwenders “Douk Saga.”

The afro-tribal, percussive magic and all-around jubilant mood of Pierre Kwenders’ “Douk Saga” is a tribute to the late founder of coupé-décalé [a very percussive style of African pop with roots in the Ivory Coast] and master of enjaillement; a French term for ‘enjoyment’, especially in the context of parties, commonly used in West Africa.

SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol 2 follows the debut compilation, which offered an exuberant, genre-defying window into the cult Moonshine parties, coincides with the collective’s four-year anniversary and once again brings together a diverse cross-section of producers, vocalists and DJs from Canada, United States, France, Chile, Jamaica and the UK who’ve been affiliated in some capacity to the Moonshine crew.

Pierre Kwenders on SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 2:

“With this second volume, I wanted to showcase the many facets of Moonshine. Often, people have a very specific idea about us. They think we play nothing but Afro rhythms, or strictly techno tracks. So I wanted to take listeners on a boundary-busting voyage over the course of which they’d experience the full scope of Moonshine: moments of crazy percussive highs, remarkably soothing melodies and total rhythmic grace.”

As with Vol. 1, SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 2 will be available to download free of charge simply by sending a text message to +1 514 612 4859 – an unmistakable nod to how the collective continues to run its parties, as well as an homage to the bygone bootleg culture that predated digital ubiquity, when like-minded music lovers shared tracks around in physical copies.

Since its founding in 2014, the Moonshine collective of musicians, beatmakers, dancers and visual artists has carved out an enviable niche in Montréal’s nightlife milieu, first and foremost through its eponymous monthly: an all-night, Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk party held on the Saturday following every full moon, in ever-shifting, unpredictable locations across the city, always strictly disclosed via text messages. With fresh cuts supplied by resident DJs Pierre Kwenders and Bonbon Kojak, visual installations by Boycott, and a slew of live musicians and performers that have included Kaytranada, Dâm-Funk, Le1f, Venus X, DJ Windows 98 (Arcade Fire’s Win Butler), Bambii and Branko, the parties have become a staple of the electronic music scene, in Canada and abroad, with appearances in NYC, LA, Paris, Santiago among others.

Moonshine SMS For Location

Jerico – Miray
De Pereiras – Agua
ABAKOS – Samuel
Kelman Duran – Patrice Lumumba
Kelman Duran – Lipanda
La Panga – Mad for You
SIM & 45Diboss – Graces
Pierre Kwenders – Douk Saga
Bambii – Bambii’s Wisdom
Mind Bath – Bambii


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