Dominic streams track off forthcoming release

Dominic streams track, "Savior"

Philadelphia’s Dominic released his new song “Savior” — inspired by his “long dormant obsession with ‘alternative religion’, more specifically the deeply fucked power dynamic between the people who dispense the dogma and people who choose to believe it” — today. “Savior,” along with previously released single “Birthday Song,” will appear on Dominic’s forthcoming solo debut album Goodnight, Doggies, out February 3 on Lame-O Records. Goodnight, Doggies is available for pre-order now in physical and digital format.

At the core of all long human relationships there are dark corners. In his solo debut, Goodnight Doggies, Dominic Angelella uncovers such painful discoveries with subtle execution, cherry picking from a vast array of influences not limited to visionaries such as Prince, Harry Nilsson, and Andre 3000.

A longtime resident of Philadelphia, Dominic hails from an invaluable background of attending and playing punk shows in the basements and DIY spaces of the east coast since around middle school-age. Over the years he’s been a member of projects such as Hop Along, Cold Fronts, MewithoutYou, and is currently the co-songwriter of the band Lithuania. He’s also contributed his skills as a session musician to records from Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe, Juicy J, Mac Miller, and Lil B.

Perhaps it is from that original DIY sense of necessity that makes the production and arrangement of Doggies’ manner of delivery so shrewdly economic. Only that which needs to be heard is there. Emotions are therefore allowed to be the unabashed lead character of these songs. While they are indeed often sad, they are colorful and fascinating. There is a permeating sense of complicated loss and mundane struggle, which is what makes it a very honest record.

Throughout the album, thoughtful lyrics come through clearly, with a light decaying edge. The singer is young but aware that this time is coming to an end. The attitude of the vocal is simultaneously relaxed and feral. He is an almost kindly observer, who is aware of bitterness but somehow devoid of it. As with any album, there are no answers here, only honest examinations of failure on both sides. Like all of us, Angelella has no idea what the outcome will be, but he can share his coordinates and leave you exhilarated. – Frances Quinlan

Dominic: tour dates

12/06: Subterranean – Chicago, IL
12/07: The Green Room (St. Louis University) – St. Louis, MO
12/09: Hey Joe’s – Cleveland, MS
12/10: Meal Ticket – Nashville, TN
12/11: Brucemont House – Ashville, NC