DJ Seinfeld Announces “Mirrors (Remixed)”

DJ Seinfeld AKA: Armand Jakobsson returns with “Mirrors (Remixed).” The album features reworks and remixes from a host of producers/artists
DJ Seinfeld AKA: Armand Jakobsson returns with “Mirrors (Remixed)"

DJ Seinfeld AKA: Armand Jakobsson returns with “Mirrors (Remixed).” The album features reworks and remixes from a selected host of producers and artists, including salute, Themba, LSDXOXO, Moose Dawa, Trip Tease, godmode, Mona Yim, Kiimi, Closet Yi and Oscar Farrell – who all provide their own take on original tracks from DJ Seinfeld’s 2021 album “Mirrors”.

“The artists we asked to contribute to the remix package are all people I admire, respect and believe in,”Seinfeld commented. “I wanted to have people from a wide range of styles, some of whom have been friends of mine for 10-15 years now, and some I’ve yet to meet in person. It’s the first time someone has remixed my music and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve heard. It just reinforced my belief that we are lucky to live in a time of so much talent and promise”.

Recorded between Berlin and Malmo, “Mirrors” was the follow-up to Seinfeld’s 2017 debut album “Time Spent Away From U” and his first for Ninja Tune. Named after a quote by Armand’s favourite writer, Argentine novelist Julio Cortázar, the album found the producer in a more settled and grounded mood after an unfortunate family incident forced the producer to spend more time at home in his native Sweden over the past few years.

DJ Seinfeld
Mirrors (Remixed)
Ninja Tune.

1. ​​She Loves Me (godmode Nuptial Remix)
2. Walking with Ur Smile (Moose Dawa Remix)
3. U Already Know (Kiimi Remix)
4. The Right Place (Themba’s Modern Africa Re-imagination)
5. Home Calling (Trip Tease Remix)
6. These Things Will Come To Be (LSDXOXO Remix)
7. Tell Me One More Time (Mona Yim Remix)
8. Someday (salute Remix)
9. I Feel Better (Oscar Farrell Remix)
10. Song For The Lonely (Closet Yi Remix)


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