DEVORA “Not Dead Yet”

Tiger Tone Records, the label recently started Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Depeche Mode, Belle & Sebastian) recently introduced their newest artist to their roster, DEVORA, who has shared her debut track “Not Dead Yet” as well as a video directed by actress Leven Rambin.


“As a lover of all things dark, I embrace those parts of me while now simultaneously celebrating being alive and present. This song commemorates the ups and downs of life while celebrating the moments that we have today, if only for today. It’s a salute to going your own way in life and carving your own lane undaunted– observing one’s uniqueness, honoring yourself and embracing the crazy ride along the way. This song is a salute to outlaws everywhere.”

Video director Leven Rambin adds: “I love working with Devora…from the moment we met, our creative visions collided in such a cool way, we just spoke the same language. Her darker, meaningful, thoughtful lyrics and imagery really inspired me to create an original aesthetic for her that we like to call “Goth Western Pamela Anderson meets Mars Attacks.” I wanted to give Devora her own spin on Natural Born Killers; Not Dead Yet to me was an alternative world where Mallory Knox strikes out on her own, mixed with some David Lynch rock star dreaminess”

Raised in the desert of Arizona, DEVORA draws her inspiration from her roots, growing up around desert creatures in a western town, experiencing the sinister lawless side of desert life, and the characters she’s met along the way. In her modern goth-western vignettes she conjures images of ghost towns, dark rodeos, the haunted desert, abandoned motel rooms, skylines on fire, the open road and reckless tales of love and loss in a modern wild west.

As DEVORA concludes: “Not Dead Yet” embraces the unadulterated sentiment of hitting the road and going your own way fearlessly.”

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