“In Too Deep” by Loren North

Loren North, recently returned with with her new music video for single, “In Too Deep.” North addresses the conflicted emotions that come with a relationship becoming ever complicated. Afraid to let things get “too deep”, the video uses a contrast between vintage 8mm film and digital production to illustrate the back and forth between seeing things as they are as opposed to through a rose-colored lens.

Here’s what Loren has to say about the video:

“The feeling of this song gives off a warning. It’s really yelling “trust your intuition” and that voice in your head that might tell you that something isn’t right within a relationship. When you’re deep into a toxic relationship, you can’t see if you’re being controlled or manipulate quite as easily then the beginning when you aren’t “too deep” in yet. It’s a fun song to listen to, but I’m definitely trying to express this deeper meaning to my listeners. You’ll see this expressed in the video too. Honestly, if I’m thinking about it, I wish I could’ve heard a song like this to help me second-guess the situations I was in in the past. It probably would’ve helped pull me out of some messes. This brings me a sense of meaning with releasing the song.”


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