DEAR-GOD Debuts New Single “Buck”

Robert Ortiz aka DEAR-GOD

Robert Ortiz aka DEAR-GOD, has shared, his new single “Buck.” The track is available via Terrible Records and his own imprint End Time via Dine Alone Records. “Buck” was mixed by Lars Stalfors (Lil Peep, Soccer Mommy, St. Vincent). The song follows “The Burbs” and second song “Bitter Winter,” which came out last year.

Robert Ortiz on “Buck:”

“Buck is a song about hypervigilance. To go buck is to question everyone and everything around you… to puff up your chest and wear a mask of masculinity in order to survive. It’s very easy for every boy to fall victim to this mentality in their quest to manhood with all of the things we are taught about masculinity. I still experience this battle with my own personal quest, and maybe I will for the rest of my life.”


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