Dave Sheinin “Existential Dread”

"Existential Dread" by Dave Sheinin
"Existential Dread" by Dave Sheinin

Dave Sheinin is a Baltimore-based singer-songwriter with influences stretching from classic ’60s pop to ’80/’90s power pop to timeless Americana, and with at least one strand of musical DNA that can be traced back to Paul Westerberg. Though he makes his living with words, as a longtime, award-winning Washington Post sportswriter, he lives for the hook and the harmony. His collaborators, all veterans of the Baltimore music scene, reflect that range: his debut record was co-produced by power pop king Andy Bopp (Myracle Brah), Americana master Andrew Grimm (June Star) and post-punk/hardcore legend J. Robbins (Jawbox, Jawbreaker, The Dismemberment Plan). Sheinin’s new single “Existential Dread,” was produced by Grimm and mixed by Robbins, and now available to stream. If you enjoy the sounds of Elvis Costello, Freedy Johnston, or Matthew Sweet, Dave Sheinin will definitely appeal to you.

“Existential Dread”

Your eyes are pretty when you’re crying
Your hair smells good when
You’ve been out smoking in the car
When you say love me like there’s no tomorrow
I wonder how clairvoyant you are

I fight the good fight
I shine the spotlight
I whisper goodnight
Then stare at shadows on the wall
In the morning I feel like I’m in mourning
For someone who’s name I can’t recall

I seek out bits of bliss
Lose myself in your kiss
But I just can’t deal with this
Existential dread

I keep a stiff lip on every guilt trip
Each day a coin flip
Heads they win, tails we lose
The dark circles around my eyes
Are getting mistaken for tattoos

My heart is racing like something’s chasing
Each day I’m bracing
For what new madness lies in store
All our friends walk around with blank expressions
Like they can’t take it anymore

It’s dark and ruinous
It’s almost ruined us
Look what it’s doin’ to us
This existential dread

I’ve had this nightmare
I’m standing somewhere
Reading a list and there’s
A big black X across my name
Is this real life or are we characters
In some madman’s simulation game?

Your eyes are distant when you’re smiling
Your hair looks wild
Like you’ve just been through some kind of hell
When you say love me like there’s no tomorrow
I say I guess I might as well

Our love is unsurpassed
Resilient and steadfast
Someday we’ll make it past
This existential dread


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