Dada Plan share single “A Dada Plan Is Free”

Dada Plan share their new single "Dada Plan Is Free

A band called Dada Plan had ventured north to the Great Bear Rainforest from Vancouver. This forest has answers you see! Once threatened by industrial logging, the Great Bear’s old growth ecosystem now faces complete obliteration from this preventable disaster. Didn’t our elected officials understand that such a life giving area relies on healthy marine life for its survival? Greed. The season is summer, the air, thick and humid. Moisture drips down from above while the pollution spreads… Distortion. Deeper and deeper into the forest we go… As far removed from the city as they are, the street beat feeling still runs through Dada Plan’s communal soul. Empathy. Malcolm Biddle (lyrics, guitars, synths, programming), Dave Biddle (saxophones), Matt Krysko (synths), Colin Cowan (bowed, upright, and electric bass), and Justin Williams (congas) can’t stop seeking truth and asking questions. Bugged out by the unsettling catastrophe at hand, the group plots their next move amongst the chaos. In a moment of synchronicity, Dada Plan recall their favourite Brian Eno LP, the one that plays perfectly despite its troubling dish warp. They hope and pray that the world could do the same. Extinction. Time is running out. It has been for years…

A Dada Plan is Free is a thought provoking record for dystopian times. A reflection of our global village and the varying degrees of universal nuance, it was recorded to analog tape by super producer and musician Josh Wells (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust, Destroyer) over a weeklong stretch in early 2014. Respect. Organic and hypnotic, the results are alert, yet laidback, engaging, and very groovy. Dada Plan merges technologies old and new into a heartbeat sound of now. Crucial. Each of the album’s 10 songs showcases a crystalline state of introspective exhibitionism. Think hip-hop-meets-hippie in a spiritual jazz sound clash. How high can one fly with your feet firmly planted on the ground? Let Dada Plan help you find out! Trance. Pressed to black vinyl (also available in a digital edition), A Dada Plan is Free is a welcome addition to any open minded record collection. Those who take the step to the nearest cash register, and then a few more to the stereo, will be blessed with a disc that will no doubt last an eternity. Waves. A Dada Plan is Free reveals fresh meaning and discovery with each and every rotation. Dreamers and (soon to be) believers, this one’s for you!!! But please be aware, this rock has already started to roll and most certainly will grow. So don’t forget to catch the live show, and def peep their website (, which is about ready to flow… No hype. The music speaks for itself. Dada Plan ain’t no joke!

– Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (Voluntary in Nature,

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Dada Plan

A Dada Plan is Free

1. Mr Window

2. Over When You Die

3. Vaguely Mystical

4. Who’s The Thief?

5. Long May The Enemy Run

6. The Hanging Mirrors Of Life-Skype

7. End Of The Trees

8. Breathe Again

9. Human Language

10. Bury Me Low









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