Dad Sports Debuts “take yr time”

Dad Sports Debuts new single “take yr time." The track is off the artist's album I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!
Dad Sports photo by Anna Rickenbacher Mguni

dad sports have returned today with their first new single “take yr time.” The new track is described a kissoff to dad sports’ previous work and a transition into this new iteration of the project, which is now solely helmed by Miguel Plante. Plante considers dad sports’ past work as artifacts of a former self all while wrestling with the notion of letting go; contending with the public’s consumption of those pieces of yourself that no longer feel relevant and finding pride in “take yr time.” Grand Jury Music (Samia, Crooks & Nannies) will be releasing dad sports’ I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!! EP on vinyl for the first time, with an expanded tracklisting including early dad sports singles as well as “take yr time.”

Speaking to the new single, and new chapter, Miguel Plante writes;

“i wrote this song right after releasing my last project in 2021 when i felt stuck and unsure where to go next. i shelved it and kept if for myself, listening to it when i needed a reminder that i am allowed to take time to make art i am proud of. a sort of comfort song for just myself. unplugging from music for the last couple of years has given me time to reflect on why i make music, and for who. the process of creating is so opaque and abstract; it seems hard to feel like you are progressing when you are not always coming out the other side with something to show for it. this song sort of acts as a celebration of the idea that your pace can only be set by you. take your time, you’ll be alright.”

dad sports
Vinyl Tracklist
Grand Jury Music

A1 out 4 a breather
A2 if u want to !
A3 gf haircut
A4 nrvs again
A6 name & place

B1 dog cuddles
B2 so be it in my dreams
B3 romeo
B4 this must be the place
B5 take yr time

pre-order I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!! by Dad Sports HERE


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