“Crossing Over” By Sour Widows

Crossing Over by Sour Widows is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Crossing Over by Sour Widows

Sour Widows will release their new EP Crossing Over on April 23rd via Exploding In Sound (Big Ups, Floatie). Ahead of the album’s arrival, the trio are streaming the title-track.

Susanna Thomson from Sour Widows on “Crossing Over:”

“This one is pretty literally about my experience being in a cross country long distance relationship, and the way it forced me to reckon with choice and sacrifice, make peace with it. I can try my best to have it all, make a time and space for everything it is I value, but at the end of the day, I have to accept the way my life fractures because of how I live it. As long as I’m pursuing what it is I want to do the most, I think I’ll always feel that heightened presence of choice and sacrifice.”

Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson, and Max Edelman, who form Sour Widows, have been close since meeting in various phases of childhood, and when they found themselves living in the same area, making music together came naturally. With a musical connection that was an extension of their longtime friendship, the band began fine-tuning a sound that swung from gently glowing harmonizing to energetic bursts of feedback-laced catharsis. After the release of their self-titled EP in February of 2020, the plan was to continue touring and start work on a full-length album. As it did with so many others, the global pandemic abruptly changed plans for Sour Widows. Rather than slow momentum indefinitely while waiting to safely get into a studio, the band decided to work remotely recording new material themselves.

“Crossing Over” is a song about the weight of love that sprawls out with the loneliness of an endless highway. Susanna and Maia worked on the song while quarantining together, and the protracted arrangement embodies both the frustrations of physical distance expressed in the lyrics and the strange new ways time felt in 2020.

Sour Widows
Crossing Over
Exploding In Sound

1. Look The Other Way
2. Crossing Over
3. Bathroom Stall
4. Walk All Day

Crossing Over by Sour Windows is now available for pre-order via Exploding In Sound.


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