“Crazy Funny” Juan Wauters feat: Maxine

New Yorker via Uruguay artist Juan Wauters has released a new video for “Crazy Funny featuring Maxine.” The track is off his latest release, Introducing Juan Pablo, out now via Captured Tracks. The video was directed by Wauters frequent collaborator Matthew Volz and features Swiss artist Maxine Yolanda. It marks the end of a year that saw Wauters release two albums, January’s La Onda de Juan Pablo and May’s Introducing Juan Pablo as well as travel from North America to South America to the United Kingdom and over to Europe, playing more than 100 shows along the way

Traveling leaves a mark on Juan Wauters. La Onda de Juan Pablo, with its folkloric airs and its Latin roots, made that clear. Introducing Juan Pablo also embraces that spirit, although his main journey is internal. Introducing… exposes Wauters two worlds, his two languages, and his day-to-day life in the neighborhood and his life as an artist. Though he was born in Uruguay, Wauters has lived in New York for a long time.

His immigrant’s side. His sense of belonging. His social life and his use of language. His need to work. And the even stronger need that his work doesn’t become monotonous. His dream of another possible world: a world where all worlds fit. Juan Wauters went through all this to introduce us to Juan Pablo. They are the same person: one among the whole crowd. He is here to share his songs, his field recordings, his videos and his live performances. Everything comes from the same creative head. Everything springs up with the same intention – not intentional at all – to express himself freely.