Crashing Hotels shares single “Never More”

Crashing Hotels shares new single "Never More"

San Francisco’s Crashing Hotels is not a band. It is not an alter-ego. Crashing Hotels is a life-form of aural pleasure. Seeking the wormholes that lead to the listeners heart. Today, Crashing Hotels shares The new single “Never More”, which you can check out below.

Official Manifesto Excerpt:

“Crashing Hotels is born in stillness. It emerges from the unconscious, the deep. These songs are imbued with the patience of a red wood, a counterpoint to instant gratification, shrinking attention spans, and swiping left for sex. The airwaves abound with impatient sound structures, unfiltered and untested by the feels. In truth, authentic rhythms are the first forms of human communication, our novel network, our literal link to each other. The importance of music, to us, is godly. The stakes are high. To glorify and reward impatience is to strip our community of the chance to connect via love rather than lust. Just like porn can and does desensitize us to the sanctity of sex, regurgitated music can and will desensitize us to our oldest and most important form of finding, recognizing, and uplifting each other. We conjure music from the root. We offer from our earliest memories of empathy. We play for the primacy of peace”.


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