“Connect” by My Gold Mask

My Gold Mask Shares "Connect". My Gold Mask's New LP 'Anxious Utopia' comes March 4th

After leaving Brooklyn, NY and Baton Rouge, LA respectively, My Gold Mask founding members Jack Armondo (Guitar, Vocals) and Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Percussion) both took life detours in Albuquerque, NM. Despite running in the same social circles there, it wasn’t until they moved to Chicago IL, and had a chance encounter at a rooftop party, that the two finally met. The conversation quickly turned to music and has stayed there ever since. In 2009, seeing the completion of a couple of short-lived rock projects involving other members, the musical couple withdrew themselves and dedicated their time to experimenting with new sounds and broadening their artistic voices. This time away from the touring circuit lead to the birth of a home recorded experiment called My Gold Mask. The results were two EPs in 2010: A Thousand Voices and A Million Miles (From Where We Were Last), including the Singles like “Violet Eyes” and “Ghost In Your Bed”.

My Gold Mask
Anxious Utopia

01. Forgive Again
02. Battles
03. Connect
04. Dangerous
05. Insomnia
06. Dissipate
07. Explode
08. Gone Gone Gone
09. Cautionary Lives
10. Lipstick Bruises
11. In Diamond White
12. Severed


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