Colatura Debuts Video For “Machine”

Brooklyn duo, Colatura has shared a new video for "Machine."
Colatura "Machine"

Brooklyn duo, Colatura has shared a new video for “Machine.” Digo and Jennica from Colatura: “The song is about the dismissive and heartless way we treat people we don’t understand. It was initially mined from everyday interactions in the service industry, where we saw how poorly people often treat others when they are perceived as lesser, subservient, or even just different. As we wrote the song and it began to evolve, we realized how easy it is for anyone to be blind to ideas and worlds that are not their own. Everyone is, to a certain extent, caught up in their own routines, their own bubbles, and unable to empathize or understand what others are going through, where they come from, or why they believe what they do. In many ways, we are all a little like machines, going through our days without taking the time to really look around ourselves.”

Colatura released their debut EP Spring Drew Blood in the spring of 2018. After the release, Colatura immediately headed back into the studio to start working on new music. They recorded a string of new singles, which continue their tradition of examining difficult topics set to endorphin-releasing effervescent melodies. Machine, the first of their singles to drop, is the one with the most blunt energy and unabashed grit. It’s dovetailing guitar and bass licks circumscribe unrelenting lyrics that speak to class discrepancy, privilege, and a pervasive lack of empathy. Jennica accesses a more brutal vocal quality, with her apparent disdain giving way to bitterness, giving way to frustration and anger, but while still keeping their stylistic catchy melodic hooks. Machine was produced, recorded, and mixed by Garret DeBlock at Strange Weather Studio in Brooklyn, and was mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering. Isobel Shirley created the artwork for the single.

Live Dates

5/8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rose Gold
5/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right


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