Supermodels by Claud album review by Ryan Meyer. The singer/songwriter's full-length drops on July 14th via Saddest Factory Records




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Claud’s second record Supermodels hits streets July 14, via Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, and it’s an incredibly infectious crash course in the genre of indie-pop.

Like many artists that begin their songwriting and recording careers in their bedrooms, there’s a certain atmosphere adjacent to such an environment throughout the record (see Snail Mail, Car Seat Headrest), but it truly transcends surroundings such as those in its production, ambition and versatility. There are simple acoustic nuggets, like the “Wonderwall”-esque lead single “Every Fucking Time,” but it’s preceded by the rocker “A Good Thing,” one of the record’s many highlights.

There’s something for everyone on this record, which only lends to its effectiveness in retaining a listener. It’s a pop album that isn’t afraid to rock, and when Claud does decide to rock, they don’t hold back. 13-song records can be risky and wont to feel drawn out, but in the case of Supermodels it just fattens the listening experience. Claud is carving out a niche in heart-on-the- sleeve indie music that doesn’t shy away from transcension and catchy pop ambition.

Satisfaction is a recurring feeling throughout all of Supermodels. Not a single song is too long, and while I do find myself wishing some of the best moments lasted longer, Claud is weary of overstaying their welcome, which only contributes to the replayability. Would it really hurt to give us those choruses just one more time, Claud?

Supermodels really hits its stride on its way out. Starting with “The Moving On” and its frisky piano and headbang-capable chorus, followed by the nighttime pop of “Climbing Trees.” Following that is “Spare Tire,” a wonderfully lush acoustic piece that proves to be a respite before the emotional impact of one of the record’s many highlights, “All Over.”

“All Over” grabs the listener with a simple yet effective guitar line and never lets go, exploding into a climax of perfectly orchestrated and mixed noise near the song’s conclusion.

A masterclass in songwriting, versatility and production, Claud’s Supermodels will likely go down as one of the best records of 2023. It’s a big-venue-ready album from an artist that began writing music in the smallest of venues, and what’s more satisfying than that?

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