“Challenger Deep” by Daneshevskaya

Daneshevskaya — the songwriting project of Anna Daneshevskaya Beckerman — has unveiled her new single/video, “Challenger Deep,” from Long Is The Tunnel, her Winspear debut out November 10th.

Trained as a social worker, Beckerman works at a preschool in Brooklyn, interacting with children every day. “Challenger Deep” — which glides across finger-plucked guitar, oceanic production, and Beckerman’s intimate vocals — was inspired by one of her classroom experiences. “There’s a story I read to the kids that I work with about how, when you say goodbye to someone, there’s an invisible string that connects you,” Beckerman says. “My version of that is seeing someone at the end. Even if it is pretend, it’s a nice idea.” This wide-eyed outlook extends across Long Is The Tunnel, whose seven tracks glow with the sense of childhood creativity.

Written over a period of years beginning in 2017, the seven gleaming songs on Long Is The Tunnel each sound like a world within themselves, pairing twisted-up classical structures with distinctive metaphors that are both otherworldly and grounding. It paints a distinctive collage between traditional songwriting and modern turns of phrase that remain spellbound in the unadulterated luster of self discovery.

Pre-order Long is the Tunnel HERE.


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