CFCF Shares Remix of Leo Abrahams’ ‘Chain’

CFCF Shares Remix of Leo Abrahams' 'Chain'

CFCF has recently unveiled a new remix of ‘Chain’, the new single from Leo Abrahams that features his regular studio sparring partner, Brian Eno, on vocals. ‘Chain’ is taken from Abrahams’ forthcoming new album ‘Daylight’ (released 20th November) which also features contributions from Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa and is released on November 20th.

One of the album’s many highlights, ‘Chain’ sees Eno’s cut-up vocals collide with Abraham’s intricate guitar playing, ricocheting rhythms and fractured electronics.

“The sound of Brian’s stacked vocals is, for me, one of the greatest sounds in music history,” explains Abrahams. “On ‘Chain’ I originally sang all the vocals myself, but as a result of some unconscious plagiarism people started saying it reminded them of Brian! So I asked him to do it, and the end result is both of us singing together. He is very generous with his time and, luckily for me, loves to sing.”

‘Daylight’, Abrahams’ 5th album, and first for Lo Recordings, combines live contributions – Brian Eno features on Chain whilst Stella Mozgawa from Warpaint plays drums throughout – with a significant dose of electronics to jarring, remarkable effect.

Having previously experimented with everything from folk and art-rock to modern classical and electronica, and worked with everyone from Roxy Music to Pulp, Abrahams’ new album sees the Londoner bring his myriad influences together to produce music as inspirational as it is unclassifiable.

Artist: Leo Abrahams
Title: Chain
Label: Lo Recordings
Released: October 2nd

1) Chain
2) Chain (CFCF Remix)

– – – – –

Artist: Leo Abrahams
Title: Daylight
Label: Lo Recordings
Released: November 20th

1 Daylight
2 Halo Effect
3 Into the Wild
4 Dual
5 Steal Time
6 Mosaic
7 Wythe & 1st
8 Stutter
9 De Milo
10 Chain
11 From the Shadows


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