Buck Meek Announces Songwriting Workshop Through School of Song

Buck Meek Announces Songwriting Workshop Through School of Song
Photo Courtesy of Buck Meek

Buck Meek (of Big Thief) announces a new online songwriting workshop through School of Song. The course will be taught online via live Zoom lectures across 4 consecutive Sundays –– April 21st, 28th, May 5th, and May 12th –– with 2 lecture sessions on each class day to accommodate different time zones: 10 AM & 5 PM PST on April 21st, and 11 AM & 6 PM PST for the remaining sessions. Recorded lectures will be available and sent out afterwards for those who are unable to attend at those times.

Every week, Buck will give a lecture on subjects specific to his songwriting process. Each class will result in a homework assignment to write a song using the techniques discussed in the lecture. In addition to the lectures, there will be weekly song-sharing sessions composed of peer review and an additional hour of live Q&A with Buck.

The cost of the workshop is $160 total, and a 20% discount is available for those who sign up with a friend. The deadline to sign up is April 28th. The course is geared towards anyone with an interest in songwriting in general or Buck’s process in particular, from absolute beginners to seasoned songwriters. There are no prerequisites to sign up, but having an instrument that you know how to play a few chords on will be helpful if you want to complete the assignments.

Course Description:
“Our lives are made of an endless myriad of unfinished stories, of every encounter of billions of people at the center of thousands of years in each direction. The telling is secondary. Sometimes when you half-hear something spoken, something unspoken inside the words is revealed. Your mind fills in the blank, finishes the sentence, infers meaning – though you still can’t fully explain it. Have you felt in awe of the vastness within another? Love feels too big to comprehend, like death, or life after death, or space.

Songwriting is an attempt to contain this. To imbue the projected meaning of words with the laws of time and physics. Songwriting can be a vessel for empathy – for me it is a reminder to tell the truth, a reminder to listen, to step out of my own way. A song is the result of time and attention and letting go.”

Topics covered will include Cowriting, Writing The Naked Truth, Unconditional vs. Selfish Love, Weird Progressions and Development of Meaning.

Sign up for the worshop HERE.


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