“Book It To Fresno” by Brendan Canning

"Book It To Fresno" by Brendan Canning is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

Brendan Canning (founding member of Broken Social Scene) will release his third solo album Home Wrecking Years on August 12 via Arts & Crafts – his first since 2013’s You Gots 2 Chill. The album features fellow Broken Social Scene members Justin Peroff and Sam Goldberg, as well as Liam O’Neil (Kings Of Leon, The Stills).

“The first song on the record, ’Book it to Fresno’, was an immediate tune for our band. No talking, just rocking. Everyone listening to one another,comfortable with the role they play in the band, says Canning. “It's a very satisfying experience when a song comes together without interruption or the (seemingly) inevitable over-thinking process that many bands fall prey to.

“I'm a big fan of getting the initial idea down and moving on. We chose this song to open the record because it captures the essence of what this band does well musically and lyrically,” Brendan continues.

"’I'm not here to laugh at your mistakes / I'm just here to offer a break,’ was a good and positive foot to start on, sentiment-wise. If this is a road trip album, let it be the soundtrack to a John Hughes film that will never be made.”

Home Wrecking Tracklisting:

1. Book It To Fresno
2. Vibration Walls
3. Keystone Dealers
4. Hey Marika, Get Born
5. Once I Was A Runner
6. Nashville Late Pass
7. Work Out In The Wash
8. Money Mark
9. Sleeping Birds Like Lasers
10. Baby’s Going Her Own Way