“Blue Eyed Girl” by Kids and Chemicals

Electronic rock outfit Kids and Chemicals have shared a new music video for their track “Blue Eyed Girl” Between having an opera singer for a father and being raised in the Southern Baptist church, siblings Liz and Patrick Carney have always been surrounded by music.

A musically diverse upbringing lead to their experimentation in a range of genres, although it was not until 2010 that the pair joined forces for the first time to become the Springfield, Missouri-based duo, Kids and Chemicals. After six years of evolution, the now four-piece band is prepping to release their third record: an ambitious electro rock concept album titled After Life.

Blue Eyed Girl marks the halfway point in the seven-song drama, which tells the story of two girls, separated by death from their drug-addled romance. After the remaining lover is propositioned by a demon to inhabit her body in exchange for the chance to see her partner again, the deceased makes contact and offers up another solution. This positive twist in the story is supported by one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, driven by synth arpeggios and a commanding disco beat that recall Kids and Chemicals’ largely electronic discography to date.

Tour Dates:
July 1st // St. Lous, MO // Foam


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