“Blood Moon” by Fantasy Camp

Fantasy Camp AKA: Jonah Kramer, is known primarily known for his work as DJ for Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. The multi-artist grew up in the Wilkes-Barre, PA with legendary hardcore bands Title Fight and Tigers Jaw. Kramer has been producing music as Fantasy Camp since he was 16 but has never released a proper full-length project until now.

Casual Intimacy, the debut LP from Fantasy Camp, will be out on October 28 from Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip‘s label, Memory Music. Written, recorded, and produced entirely in Kramer’s bedroom in late 2021 (and later mixed & mastered by Yip), the album’s seven tracks punch far above their weight with rich, ethereal soundscapes, springboarding listeners from the bedroom into entire sonic worlds.

First single “Blood Moon” is out today with an accompanying video by Bob Sweeney. The song opens Casual Intimacy with a dark, pillowy sway, interpolating steely shoegaze, gauzy dream-pop, and lo-fi chamber pop for an intoxicating introduction.

Each song on the album was an effort by Jonah to write the best love songs he could; for the first time since getting out of a long-term relationship, he was experiencing the rush of casual dating. “I found myself romanticizing everything,” he explains. “Intentionally writing love songs about these made-up scenarios helped get me out of my comfort zone of only writing sad songs.”

Fantasy Camp
Casual Intimacy
Memory Music

1. Blood Moon
2. Casual Intimacy
3. Wakeup!
4. Adeline
5. Hiraeth
6. Final Breath
7. The Last Song

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