Blondshell Discovers Many New Roads

Blondshell interview with Northern Transmissions by Lauren Rosier. The artist talked about what is inspiring her musically and in life
Blondshell interview with Northern Transmissions

Blondshell, another up-and-coming, rising indie artist, has been garnering tons of praise, and whispering about her music and her now-released self-titled album.

Northern Transmissions had the opportunity to speak with Sabrina of Blondshell and get inside her head about her album and her experiences leading up to Blondshell and her experiences writing.

In 2015-2016, was when she attended USC’s Pop Program; however, none of the songs from her debut LP were written during that time period, she mentioned. Her self-titled debut album was released on April 7 to much praise and attention, so how does a young adult, a young, 25-year-old artist learn to navigate the attention from an excellent debut album?

“Well, I’m still learning,” she admitted. ”but I think I’m just trying to focus on all of the music and I don’t know, there’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s not really about the attention, playing shows, recording new things, you know. I think there’s a lot more to pay attention to than that. It feels nice, it’s really validating, and it’s exciting to have people connect to the music, so I feel grateful for that, but I’m also not trying to focus too much on that aspect.”

Sometimes the music just hits and with Blondshell it seems like it just is that way. Immediately upon releasing her first single, she began garnering a huge following everywhere. “I was not expecting it. I was always trying to figure out what kind of music I wanted to make and I always wanted to do it as a job, so I think somewhere in my mind ‘Are people going to like this? Is this something that’s sustainable? Is this something that’s who i am?’” Sabrina explained. “I didn’t really know the answer to any of those things for a long time and when I was making this album, the first song that I made was “Olympus,” and when I had that one, I said, okay, this actually is who I am and I don’t know if people will connect to it or not, it’s really heavy, there’s some dark topics, it’s not a pop song, it’s I don’t know if people will connect to it or not, but I will feel proud to put on this music because it feels like who I am.”

When she made the track, “Olympus,” she claimed she listened to a lot of Angel Olsen and Olsen’s song, “Lark,” and covering it a lot at home. “I think a lot of her music made its way into that,” Sabrina stated. “I was also listening to a lot of Mitski at the time. I think it was about a year
after ‘Meet The Cowboy’ came out, so I think those are more contemporary artists that inspired me. There was a lot of 90s grunge and New York rock scene like Interpol and The Strokes.” One of her singles, “Joiner,” she says, is about, “relationships, but not a romantic song. It’s about how much do I have to take care of someone.”

Blondshell is definitely excited for her run of North American tour dates. “I really like playing the shows. The music was made with that in mind. I like to meet the people who are connected to the music. At the shows, you can actually meet people face-to-face.”

Blondshell 2023 North American Tour Dates

July 7 Polaris Hall Portland, OR
July 8 Madame Lou’s Seattle, WA
July 11 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN
July 12 Schuba’s Tavern Chicago, IL
July 14 The Garrison Toronto, ON
July 15 Bar Le Ritz PDB Montreal, QC
July 16 Middle East Upstairs Boston, MA
July 19 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
July 21 PhilaMOCA Philadelphia, PA
July 22 DC9 Washington, D.C.
July 24 Third Man Records Nashville, TN
July 25 Aisle 5 Atlanta, GA
July 27 Antone’s Nightclub Austin, TX
July 28 White Oak Music Hall (Upstairs) Houston, TX
July 29 Club Dada Dallas, TX
Aug 1 Valley Bar Phoenix, AZ
Aug 2 Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA
Aug 4 Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA
Aug 5-6 Bleached Fest San Diego, CA

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