Bill Callahan Shares “Javelin Unlanding”

Watch Bill Callahan's "Javelin Unlanding" Video; Callahan Lands in Europe To Tour This Month, starting off August 7th at the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway

It’s been almost a year since we released Bill Callahan‘s Dream River, but Bill still manages to find something that gets beneath the skin. Lyrically, he tugs at the loose strands of a scene and unspools ’em until he comes to the knot. Or if he’s out of doors, he ruffles the chaff that makes up the haystack, looking for something sharp and hard. The visual modes of “Javelin Unlanding” are exquisite; shifting in delicate but deliberate time as Bill‘s lyrics wander. On screen, Bill takes shape as the moon, surveying the earth below. Guitar strums fan into blooms of smoke, sliced through by more guitars taking other forms—snakes and mountainous ranges, shards of erupted earth. But don’t fret! Even with such devastation, Billis able to give us a grounded perspective as he floats into the unknown surrounding universe. See the magic for yourself in the brand new video for “Javelin Unlanding” by Hanly Banks and Chris Rusch!

Bill Callahan will also be touring Europe next month!
 8/7/14 @ Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway
8/8/14 @ Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland
8/9/14 @ Way Out West Festival in Goteborg, Sweden
8/11/14 @ VoxHall in Aarhus, Denmark
8/12/14 @ Mojo Club in Hamburg, Germany
8/13/14 @ Zakk in Dusseldorf, Germany
8/14/14 @ Sankt Peter in Frankfurt, Germany
8/15/14 @ Openluchttheater De Goffert in Nijmegen, Netherlands
8/16/14 @ Pukklepop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium
8/17/14 @ Green Man Festival in Brecon Beacons, United Kingdom

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