“Bedroom” Port Juvee

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' is "Bedroom" by Port Juvee
"Bedroom" by Port Juvee

Calgary Alberta’s, Port Juvee will release their new album Motion Control on February 28th via Garment District Records. The full-length, is the follow-up to Crimewave. For Motion Control The band teamed up with producer Justin Gerrish (Vampire Week’s ‘Contra’ & ‘Modern Vampires of the City’) who happened to stumble across an early Port Juvee demo at a house party. He dug it so much he decided to connect with the band and invite them to his home-studio “Hook & Fade Studios” in Brooklyn, NY. Port Juvee have played shows with DIIV, POND, Twin Peaks, Titus Andronicus and more.

.Motion Control sees the band addressing themes of communication and a subsequent breakdown in an age of endless technological advancement. The lead single, “Hope to Lose” tackles a flawed model of success thrust upon current generations by previous ones. “Desert Moon Palace” is an introspective surfy jam that reflects on life decisions and the never-ending search for more. “Tropics” sees the band experimenting with a softer, slow-burning approach and title track “Motion Control” is a futuristic odyssey fueled by anxious synths and cinematic stylings.

Port Juvee
Motion Control
Garment District Records

1. Hope to Lose
2. Desert Moon Palace
3. Tropics
4. Into the Jaws
5. Motion Control
6. Drugstore
7. Bedroom
8. Late to Sea


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