“Be You” By Tearjerker

"Be You" By Tearjerker is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Be You" By Tearjerker

Tearjerker have shared a new single, entitled “Be You.” The track is off the Toronto band’s forthcoming release Deep End , which drops on March 19. Tearjerker’s Micah Bonte says,

The three members of Tearjerker (Micah Bonte, Trevor Hawkins and Taylor Shute) have been passing bedroom recordings back and forth over email since the band’s inception in 2008. As of 2021, not much of that process has changed. Sure, a brief moment near the end of 2019 saw the band attempting to shake things up by escaping to a quiet little cottage in North Ontario. It’s where they began writing and recording a handful of songs with all three members actually in the same room, something they had rarely done. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the group was forced to cancel their plans to record an entire album this way, and—for better or worse—returned to their original methods.

Many of Tearjerker’s arrangements begin as demos, often voice-memos hastily recorded by Taylor or Micah on a phone. Other times there really is no demo at all. A song might begin as a beat or loop of percussion created by Trevor, with the very first inkling of a song only appearing during the recording process itself. In either case, layer upon layer of instrumentation is added over long periods of time, sometimes up until moments before mastering.

Deep End’s closer and title track was birthed as a drunkenly improvised riff at a crowded (pre-COVID) housewarming party in 2019. The band were able to use it as a foundation to build a song. Eventually working it into the kind of classic Tearjerker song that swims in waves of instrumentation, with Bonte lamenting: “Constant sleep-in, on the weekend, off the deep end.” While the band’s individual members pull inspiration from a variety of different sources, the music of Tearjerker manages to find it’s singular voice.

Deep End
Track List

1. Little Ghost
2. Lost
3. Poor Me
4. Be You
5. Deep End