“The Battle” by Weval

WEVAL is the duo of Harm Coolen and Merijn Schotte, based in Amsterdam and signed to Kompakt. On June 10, WEVAL will release their debut, self-titled full-length record, a 13-track exploration of slow-burning, emotional, pensive and dark electronic music. WEVAL joined Kompakt back in 2014, releasing 2 EPs with the label, Easier that year and It’ll Be Fine / Grow Up in 2015.

WEVAL’s ability to capture mood, evoke an emotional response from the listener, and create a new world within the music is what inspired the LP’s inception. Setting up their studio in the attic an old, abandoned building, WEVAL spent long days uninterrupted, fine tuning their productions on the LP. They explained, “working on the album all by ourselves in this bloody hot attic was all we had on our mind”, and the end result is a cohesive statement and strong debut from the duo.

Musically, WEVAL is moody, organic, slow-burning and introspective, with elements of electronic and pop music. One could find shades of Mount Kimbie, Darkside / Nico Jaar, Jai Paul and Kiasmos in WEVAL’s sound. Lead single “I Don’t Need It” pulses with an energy that’s refined but just about to boil over, an ominous bass line, loose drum pattern and deep vocals pulling you in multiple directions and creating a dynamic sonic terrain.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Battle
3. I Don’t Need It
4. Square People
5. Madness
6. Ways To Go
7. You’re Mine
8. Days
9. Just In Case
10. You Made It (Part 1)
11. You Made It (Part 2)
12. Years To Build


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