Baby Queen Releases Mixtape ‘The Yearbook’

Baby Queen has released her debut mixtape The Yearbook
Baby Queen has released her debut mixtape The Yearbook

Baby Queen has released her debut mixtape The Yearbook, along with the single “Narcissist,” one of five brand new tracks featured on it.

Baby Queen says “Narcissist” is “an admission of my own narcissistic tendencies but also me trying to make sense of where those tendencies came from in the first place. I think women are told from the moment they are born until they can form their own opinions that beauty and vanity are the key to their success, and then they are berated when they are older for being self-obsessed or apathetic. Cosmetic companies want us to hate ourselves. There is money being made off our obsession with improving ourselves and our appearances. This song is just saying, ‘Yeah fuck you, I am a narcissist, and I am self-obsessed, but why do you think that is?’”

The ten songs that make up The Yearbook are born from personal experiences Baby Queen -aka South African-born, London-adoptee Bella Latham – had chosen to keep under wraps for years. Taking us as far back as 2018, they’re the 24-year old’s most diaristic work to date, chronicling her coming-of-age. “It’s an American coming-of-age film,” she says of the final project’s concept. “It feels confusing, happy, free, lonely… all of these things you go through when you are growing up.”

Baby Queen has performed at a number of festivals throughout the summer, including Reading & Leeds, and recently added a third date to her debut headline shows at Omeara on November 9th & 10th, which sold out in a matter of days. The third and final show will take place on the 11th.

Baby Queen
The Yearbook

Baby Kingdom
Raw Thoughts
You Shaped Hole
American Dream feat. MAY-A
Dover Beach
Dover Beach Pt. 2
These Drugs
Fake Believe
I’m A Mess

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