“Azimuth” by Primitive World

"Azimuth" by Primitive World is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

Primitive World AKA Sam WIllis joins R&S following a string of releases on Black Acre, Ecstatic Sound and Obsession Recordings.

The legendary Belgian label is the perfect home for his dancefloor deconstructions, with the project’s experimental, off kilter take on house & techno a natural fit for R&S Records’ boundary-shifting heritage. A former member of the Kompakt duo WALLS, Primitive World draws from Willis’s time as part of influential London duo Allez Allez, whose DJ sets and podcast frequently drew from dance music’s punk and industrial fringes.

Purple Caps finds the Primitive World sound further maturing, the EP’s four original tracks confidently club focused yet esoteric enough to demand the full attention of DJs and dancers with their off kilter rhythmic sensibility.

The Digital release of Purple Caps is completed by a remix from Willis’ former bandmate and current Ecstatic label partner / Diagonal artist Alessio Natalizia in his Not Waving guise, bestowing on the title track the unique EBM/noise sound Natalizia has mined in his own post-WALLS solo project.

Primitive World
Purple Caps EP
[R&S Records]

1. Purple Caps
2. Azimuth
3. Q-Type
4. Tides Of Lust
5. Purple Caps (Not Waving remix) [digital only]


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