AXLAUSTADE Debut “ouverture”

Montreal band AXLAUSTADE Debut "ouverture"
AXLAUSTADE photo by Jean-Francois Sauvé

Montreal band AXLAUSTADE have Shared their new single “ouverture.” The track is off the band’s forthcoming Self-Titled Debut LP, which drops on November 19, 2021 Via La Tribu. The full-length was Produced By Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Sky Ferreira, Kim Gordon, Yves Tumor).

AXLAUSTADE on “ouverture:”

“[It has a] monumental drum beat with a hypnotic bassline and a very raw and steady guitar riff. Not to mention the solid bongos breakdown. One of the first pieces we ever did. The jam was good and the tune came to us very quickly, almost identical to the recorded version… minus the bongos, voices, and Streets of Rage noises. It’s meant to be the story of a band who plays a very early gig in a daytime festival.

Everyone in the band is hitting the same nail in a different way. It really brings a lot of energy to the song. It makes you want to dance like you’re in trance or to play percussion with anything you could find in front of you. Haunting vocals and unexpected sounds really add a haunting vibe to the song.”


01. respiration
02. axl au stade
03. ouverture
04. oui no na
05. visiblectronic
06. paruline
07. beethoven (seattle bongos)
08. tingwick
09. feu de joie
10. nuages

AXLAUSTADE language of an era

a decade of used illusions and promising riffs

he remembers the eighth of august nineteen-ninety-two in turmoil and decibels

but prefers to imagine things differently

he likes the optimism of various reverbs and birdsongs

AXLAUSTADE towards a silkier new beginning

dozens and dozens of hours jamming in a dark room

and luminous mornings

AXLAUSTADE forgot some of his alternate tunings

all ears to mysticism and rodeo stories

he dreams of a daytime festival and of something to offer

AXLAUSTADE lyricless soundtrack to made-up stories

love of music

lifelines running deep in hand palms

after an albini rendezvous gone kaput

after a cry in the night heard by a mixer of the american west coast beaches

after the feedback of small amplifiers under a plexiglass of freedom

three boys and a pair of electronic bongos

grunge of the future as a new path

an instrumental friendship

979 years before the third millennium AXLAUSTADE invites himself into your home

no sweat

played by steve dumas, francis mineau and jonathan dauphinais

he is now ready to befriend you