“Avocado Galaxy” by World Champion

World Champion, the Sydney duo made up of William Campion and Julian Sudek, recently released their debut EP on Future Classic.

The Avocado Galaxy EP features the song of the same name. The 4-track release also features the intoxicatingly addictive Shakes, which the band recently premiered.

Campion and Sudek formed the band after bonding over their love of psych pop and electronica. The project started as a little studio beast; a patchwork of ideas and jams that they had individually been sitting on for years. Together, with Julian on drums and William on vocals the transformed those sketches into fully formed jams.

Julian was a founding member of Mercy Arms and has since played with Canyons, FLRL (Jono Ma, Kirin J Callinan) and most recently George Maple. Will Campion has mostly been a bedroom producer, as well as venturing out with local Sydney indie band, The Chevaliers.