Avant-Pop Artist Laura Hickli Debuts “Unholy Power”

Avant-Pop Artist Laura Hickli Debuts “Unholy Power.” The track is off the artist's forthcoming LP Both Feet in the World at Least I Can Stand
Laura Hickli by Sara Kuefler of Grey Hills Studio

Taking inspiration from lyrical geniuses Weyes Blood, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey, and experimental pop pushers Björk and Kate Bush, Mohkínstsis-based artist Laura Hickli shares “Unholy Power,” the lead single to her debut album. Rather than relying on external forces, Hickli finds strength within herself, “embracing chaos and mortality over depending on the stability and invincibility of being close with an all-knowing deity,” she says. One of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Top Artists in 2019, she’s one to look out for.

The lush, evocative soundscapes she creates with strings and her own voice harmonizing pair with the dreamy lyrics. Lamenting on her apathy in the first verse, she sings, “I really hope it means something.” Often, artists and creative-types find reasons or explanations in low moments, thinking that art might come of it. But the song is about letting go of what you can’t control, feeling freer even in moments of absence or instability. Acting as a sort of therapist to herself, her confession-style lyrics are not only bound to help Hickli through self-disclosure, but the many people who feel similarly during this time. “I don’t need to know what’s happening,” she admits, finding comfort rather than anxiety in the unknown.

The music video, filmed in isolation, features a distinct make-up look for each powerful line in the song, showcasing Hicki’s creative direction and impressive make-up skills. Her different selves come together on the explosive choruses, singing, “There is a point to trying so hard / I focus on the reasons why I care.”

“Unholy Power” is a glimpse at her upcoming studio album Both Feet in the World, at Least I Can Stand, coming October 1, 2022 from North Pole Records.

“Unholy Power”

Half the time I don’t know if I’m happy.
Other times, I don’t feel a thing.
And I wonder if there’s a reason.
I really hope it means something.

I used to pray to God when I felt lonely.
I swear I could tell him anything.
Looking endlessly for answers…
Proving myself wrong and right.

Is there a point in trying so hard?
I’m tugging at the roots of my tired hair.
Tighten my grip on this old dream…
But I don’t have a clue what’s happening.

I used to think that I was something special,
and used my charm like some unholy power.
But now I see I’m made of human.
And now I am stronger than before.

There is a point to trying so hard!
I focus on the reasons why I care.
Loosen my grip on this old dream…
I don’t always need to know what’s happening.

Laura Hickli Live Dates

August 13 – Frogfest Music and Arts Festival
September 30 – Album Release Show – Festival Hall with 36? and Astral Swans

Order “Unholy Power” by Laura Hickli HERE


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