Atari Teeneage Riot Collaborate w Steve Aoki and Boots Riley

Atari Teenage Riot and activist group Anonymous collaborate for the 2nd video edit of “Black Flags. Fans and friends of Atari Teenage Riot and Anonymous, including support from Steve Aoki, Boots Riley, and Occupy Wall Street, supplied the footage for the ongoing video project.

The latest single from album ‘Is This Hyperreal?’, explodes as a political anthem declaring Atari Teenage Riots’ support for Anonymous’ human rights campaign. The viral videos for “Black Flags” exhibit several ardent visuals, such as monolithic black flags, anonymity and “corpsing”. Together these solidify the ideals of the movement and absorb the basic principles of equality and freedom.

“Are you ready to testify?” Anonymous Teenage Riot invites you to submit a video statement and support. For more information in Alec Empire’s statement below, and via,

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