Arp share new single Song “UHF1”


As the title infers, there is a ‘cosmic’ quality to “Pulsars e Quasars,” the new EP by Arp (aka Alexis Georgopoulos). And though the “Pulsars e Quasars” EP draws a link to Arp’s earlier cosmic synth work, it redefines it in a pop songwriting context. Opener “Suns” glows — a bracing current of electricity, it’s a slate-cleaner, an improvised transmission capturing the group sound of this temporary ensemble in motion. The title track and previously shared “Pulsars e Quasars” is a lysergic rush, a kaleidoscopic bite of psychedelic Anglophile pop which further presents Georgopoulos settling into his singing voice following full-length album, MORE. As the EP progresses, “Chromatiques II (Extended Mix),” mixed in collaboration with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, bleaches “Pulsars” into a sunkissed haze.

If it seems Arp’s music becomes noisier as it becomes more pop-oriented, “UHF1” may provide further evidence. Over a chugging motorik pulse, phased-out guitars and a melodic hook of a bassline, Georgopoulos narrates a moment of discovery while modular synthesizers float through the stereo field. It all mounts into a flurry midway through, with a guitar breakdown before splintering into a mini-symphonic guitar epic that spirals upwards before combusting altogether.

Listen to new song, “UHF1,” below and check out the entire “Pulsars e Quasars” EP in its entirety today via Mexican SummerArp will play a record release show at Glasslands on Wednesday, October 15th in support of the new EP.

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