Arellano debuts new single “On Time”

Texas singer/songwriter Arellano has shared his new single and video for "On Time"
Arellano "On Time"

Texas singer/songwriter Robert Arellano AKA: Arellano has shared his new single “On Time,” accompanied by a tasteful video. Arellano is inspired by a wide variety of artists, including Soundgarden, Nick Drake, CSNY, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, James Brown, and Black Flag. He discovered his love of strings, at a young age, learning violin as child and the bass guitar as a teenager. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, he played bass with Austin funk hip-hop band Retarted Elf, opening for Schoolly D, Fugazi, and Faith No More. You might hear subtle influences of the earlier mentioned artists on “On Time,” but Arellano, definitely has carved out, his own unique and chill sound.

Arellano on “On Time”;

“After a decade spent honing my vocals, writing, and arranging while raising my daughter, the foundations began to crumble. My strange motivations for music, which had been fed by flattery heaped upon me when I was young, collapsed. Unable to pick up my beloved acoustic six-string, I experienced first-hand the desert of creative emptiness.

“On Time” is the first testament of my renewal. I wrote this song for my daughter. It seems to channel the tenderness that I feel towards her.

I hope listening to “On Time” makes you feel better – calmer, gentler, more at ease. It’s not so much that I was trying to tell any particular story with it, as I was simply channelling an immense feeling of love and gratitude.”

Cameron Greider (Chris Cornell, PM Dawn, Sean Lennon, Natalie Merchant) produced “On Time,” with mixing help from Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Evan Dando, Spacehog, Swans) and recording by Glenn Ianaro. We did the basic tracks live-to-tape, and the chemistry in the room was powerful. Cameron and Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent) wrote their parts in real time – that’s how good they are.


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