“American Appetite” by Harriet

On January 29th, 2016, Harriet will release their debut album, American Appetite, on Harvest Records. Produced by Sean O’Brien (The National, Jeff Bridges) and Tony Berg (Nickel Creek, The Replacements), the forthcoming LP showcases new lavish textures to band’s indie-rock elements and signature, progressive pop production. Harriet have also unveiled the album’s title track, “American Appetite,” which was written by frontman Alex Casnoff about the Enron scandal.

“I had just finished watching the Enron documentary – ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room’ – and I came away so angry. I mean, how could you not? But I also became obsessed with Jeff Skilling,” says Casnoff. “I watched his congressional testimony on repeat. I needed to get inside his head, because it wasn’t just pure evil, it was a sociopath condoned by the entire financial system. I started to feel like he wasn’t just lying in that testimony, he really believed he hadn’t done anything wrong. And to me, there’s nothing more interesting than an unreliable narrator.”

The “American Appetite” lyric video was created by Casnoff’s brother and director Macklin Casnoff and director Ben Watanabe.

Days before the album announcement, the Los Angeles quartet started putting stickers up around LA that read “I have always seen you” – lyrics from “American Appetite.” It has started to inspired people to photograph the stickers to share on social networks using the hastag #ihavealwaysseenyou.

Beyond the ENRON inspiration, American Appetite is a 12-track collection that explores the American condition, and the power and greed that ensues. Tracks like “Up Against It,” with its bruising lyrics and somber bass line help the album reach its emotional apex. Casnoff’s own fears start to reveal themselves. He’s a lost, 20-something-year-old living back at his parent’s house trying to figure out his own “purpose.” Stand out tunes like “Inheritance” and “Bring Me When You Go” are stellar, pop-rock creations that energizes the LP, and show the other side of that emotional spectrum – a need to be heard. The album ends with “Richer,” the song that most directly reflects the album’s perspective on privilege, greed, and the “American appetite.”

In support of the new LP, Harriet will make an appearance at this year’s CMJ, while embarking on a small, college tour run on the East Coast. See all tour dates listed below at the bottom of the page.

American Appetite Tracklisting:
1. American Appetite
2. Ten Steps
3. Bring Me When You Go
4. Irish Margaritas
5. Inheritance
6. I’m Trying
7. Burbank
8. Up Against It
9. This Time I Was Right
10. Bent
11. Richer
12. Momento Mori

Harriet 2015 Tour Dates:
10/14 Brooklyn, NY @ Harvest Records CMJ Showcase @ The Living Room
10/15 Yonkers, NY @ Sarah Lawrence College
10/16 Dutchess County, NY @ Bard College
10/17 New York, NY @ Mixed MGMT CMJ Showcase @ Berlin
10/22 Middletown, CT @ Wesleyan
10/23 Providence, RI @ Brown College
10/24 Bennington, Vermont @ Bennington College


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