Alex Cameron releases ‘Jumping The Shark’

Alex Cameron releases new album 'Jumping The Shark'

From Secretly Canadia

We are proud to announce, that Jumping the Shark – our criminaly underated and financially ruinous debut album – is being released internationally. JTS. The disc that launched a thousand ships. Threw me and Kenny in a state of financial and emotional ruin. Destroyed our love lives and credit ratings and saw us flung far and wide around the world playin empty rooms for half pints of vodka and a terse handshake from the proprieter. Eating backstage humus and sleepin in our cadillac. Taught us the kindness of people on the road and of the sweet kiss of fate. The album is out today. And to the people sayin “I thought it was released three years ago”. Well. Sure. I heard about that. Lot a people sayin that. Sayin’ they bought a copy outta car boot in a motel carpark in Gundegai back in 2014. To those people I have only one thing to say: Please don’t ever bring this up again. To everyone else: now’s your chance. Get yourself a copy. Go to this website, [[]] select from vinyl, tape or compact disc, get that motherfuckin credit card out. Make an online payment. It’ll be like nothing happened at all. Invisible money.

Secondly. We got tours comin up in the USA and Europe. I always get a funny feeling pre tour. It’s a pavlovian thing where I know things are about to get erratic and I’m not sure exactly how. There’s no knowin what’s round the corner. One day the sideview’s bein smashed off your rental Kia by a Spanish grifter with a hairy forehead and the next you’re sleeplessly waterskiing across the warm lakes of Berlin. Only one things certain: We’re gonna be playin hot shows. Me and Ken love the tour life. The frantic mess your mind and life becomes. The problematic drinking. The burnin’. The earnin’. God damn. And support touring? aint nothin better. Hot act like Angel Olsen or Thee Oh Sees sell out a venue and me and Ken get a captive audience for a beautiful 40 minutes. What a gift. The feelin of walkin out in front a thousand young dogs never seen you before nor know the first thing about you, poppin open a beer and takin a long draw? My word. Nothin quite like it. Couple weeks ago a kid front row at a Croatian Mac Demarco show asked “who the fuck are you?”. Man. That really put a smile on my dial. I been reflectin’ on that moment. On the shine in his eyes. Later in the night I was able to tackle him to the ground and force him to apologize. It’s all about the little victories.

Alright that’s enough.

Vote your conscience.

Roy Molloy.

Alex Cameron Tour Dates

09/09/16 Atlanta, GA

Terminal West

09/10/16 Nashville, TN


09/11/16 Cincinnati, OH

Woodward Theater

09/12/16 Millvale, PA

Mr. Small’s Theatre

09/14/16 Philadelphia, PA

Union Transfer

09/15/16 Wahsington, DC

9:30 Club

09/16/16 Baltimore, MD

Joe Squared

09/17/16 New York, NY

Webster Hall

09/18/16 Brooklyn, NY


09/20/16 Cambridge, MA

The Sinclair

09/23/16 Brooklyn, NY

Baby’s All Right

10/14/16 Austin, TX

The Sidewinder

10/21/16 Lisbo, PT


10/24/16 Bordeaux, FR


10/25/16 Paris, FR

Pitchfork Avant-Garde

10/27/16 Antwerp, BE

Autumn Falls @ Trix Club

10/29/16 Ghent, BE

Autumn Falls @ Charlatan

10/31/16 Namur, BE

Beautés Soniques @ Piano Bar

11/08/16 Copenhagen, DK

Huset KBH

11/09/16 Hamburg, DE


11/10/16 Berlin, DE


11/11/16 Leipzig, DE

UT connewitz

11/14/16 Bristol, UK

Start the Bus

11/15/16 Birmingham, UK

Hare & Hounds

11/16/16 London, UK

Moth Club

11/17/16 Manchester, UK

Soup Kitchen

11/19/16 Leeds, UK

Headrow house

11/20/16 Brighton, UK

Green Door Store

11/26/16 Vancouver, BC

Rickshaw Theatre

11/27/16 Portland, OR

Aladdin Theater

11/29/16 San Francisco, CA

The Chapel

11/30/16 San Francisco, CA

The Chapel