Agnes Obel Announces ‘Citizen Of Glass’ LP

Agnes Obel Announces New Album "Citizen Of Glass", Out October 21st On Play It Again Sam.

On October 21st Agnes Obel returns with her new full-length Citizen of Glass via Play It Again Sam [PIAS].
Citizen Of Glass was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Obel at Aventine-Neukolln and Brand New Music-Studios in Berlin.

“The title comes from the German concept of the gläserner berger, the human or glass citizen,” Obel explained. “It’s actually a legal term about the level of privacy the individual has in a state, and in health it’s become a term about how much we know about a person’s body or biology or history – if they’re completely made of glass we know everything. There’s an increasing sense in this world that you have to make yourself a bit of glass. To be willing to open up, use yourself as material, and not just if you’re an artist or a musician.

“I worked with the title from the very beginning to push myself to do new things,” she continues. “I wanted to push myself conceptually from the starting point, to push the glass theme throughout the songs in different ways – in the lyrics, in the instruments – to do things in a very new way. As an album, it feels bigger to me, a lot bigger.”

Citizen of Glass Tracklisting

1. Stretch Your Eyes

2. Familiar

3. Red Virgin Soil

4. It’s Happening Again

5. Stone

6. Trojan Horses

7. Citizen Of Glass

8. Golden Green

9. Grasshopper

10. Mary