ADULT. To Reissue 2001’s ‘Resuscitation’ And Release a 7″ Single of Cover(s) On Ghostly International

We’ve wanted to re-release this album [Resuscitation] for some time,” says ADULT.’s Adam Lee Miller, “but we weren’t ready until now. We have some new material in the pipeline, and we thought this would be a nice way to reintroduce ourselves.”

The world last heard from Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller on their Let’s Feel Bad Together EP, which dropped in 2008. Since then, they’ve been as busy as ever, but it’s been with audio/visual projects, rather than recorded music — they spent the period 2008-2010 making the Three Grace(s) triptych, a 113-minute horror film trilogy that’s been to film festivals as far away as Mexico City.

The new material mentioned comes in the way of two cover songs available as a 7″ and/or digitally November 6th titled Shari Vari / 122 Hours of Fear. Their choice of the two covers that mark their return to recorded music are significant ones. “122 Hours of Fear,” originally by The Screamers, sounds like it could have walked straight off the soundtrack to their own horror movie. “The Screamers are a major influence for us,” Miller says, “and we first performed the song in February, at our first live show in two years.”

Iconic Detroit techno track “Shari Vari,” meanwhile, provides a link to the band’s past, as well as to their city’s cultural heritage — it was originally by Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley, aka A Number of Names, and as Miller says, ” we remixed it in 2001, [but] we were never satisfied with our remix, so we decided it would be fun to approach it as a cover and see if we could figure it out better.” The results rather speak for themselves, with Kuperus’ vocals replacing the icy detachment of the original with a style that’s both playful and mildly ominous.

7″ Tracklist:

A. Shari Vari
B. 122 Hours of Fear


Rescuscitation 2xLP* Tracklist:

A1. Lost Love
A2. Hand To Phone (Cordless Mix)
A3. Minors At Nite (Still Sick)

B1. New Object (Edit)
B2. Contagious
B3. Mouth To Mouth
B4. Nausea (Restructured)

C1. Pressure Suit
C2. Dispassionate Furniture (Reupholstered)
C3. Human Wreck (Radio Edit)

D1. Side-Swiped (Extended Mix)
D2. Your Lies
D3. Skinlike (Equation Mix)

* Includes 4 additional bonus tracks never before released