'About Us' by G Flip, album review by Adam Fink. The Melbourne Australia singer/songwriter/musician's debut relese comes out August 30 via Future Classic


About Us

G Flip

Most great pieces of art out in the world are all about relationships. It’s the oldest of troupes. The initial spark to the inevitable break up all captured for posterity. This trend continues with the debut album, About Us, from Melbourne’s G Flip. Flip aka Georgia Flipo, former drummer turned bedroom producer, has created a lovingly real document about an on and off again relationship she had with a girlfriend. Ten songs of yearning and heartbreak that capture the ins and outs of a love affair all wonderfully set to an assured synth pop soundtrack.

The album kicks off with “Lover” showcasing Flipo’s strong vocals overtop a wavering Hammond organ part. The track definitely sets the tone for the record and captures the young producers innately deft hand in front of and behind the recording console. “I Am Not Afraid” picks up where “Lover” ends with Flipo singing about how she isn’t scared to be her real self in a relationship and if that isn’t good enough for her partner then she isn’t afraid to move on. All set to trap-y high hats and violin stabs the track is as hooky as it is transparently honest. “Drink Too Much” shakes up the proceedings a bit with Flipo singing about the flame out of past relationships because of her inclination to drink too much. The track is all bobbing piano and hard hitting drums, set around Flipo’s wonderfully catchy vocal melodies. “Morning” is the type of classic sounding R&B jam that wouldn’t seem out of place on an Alicia Keyes record. “Waking Up” keeps the same theme of yearning for her love going as “Morning” but by time the snare rolls come in during the second chorus you should be hooked and in for this second serving. Album highlight “Killing My Time” kicks off with vibraphone and handclaps with Flipo aggressively singing about her love wasting her time that opens up into a surprisingly gentle chorus. “Bring Me Home” slows things down a bit with Flipo admitting to her love “that my life is out of control and I need you to bring me home.” Made up of simply her vocals over a piano, it’s the albums most heartbreakingly honest track and that’s saying something as every one of these songs are painfully transparent.

About Us is ten tracks documenting what seems to have been a turning point in Flipo’s life with this girlfriend. It’s so confidently crafted even in times when she’s singing about being rock bottom. Infinitely relatable to anyone that has even ever just had a crush, G Flip’s debut album is the signal of an amazing new talent and one that we should be hearing about for years to come.

review by Adam Fink

G Flip
Live Dates

Sat 9/14/19 – triple j One Night Stand – Lucindale, SA
Sat 9/21/19 – Sound On Festival – Perth, WA
Sat 11/23/19 – Spilt Milk Festival – Canberra, ACT
Sat 11/30/19 – Spilt Milk Festival – Ballarat, VIC


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