“A Song About Me” By Oscar Lang

Multi-artist Oscar Lang has shared “A Song About Me” the track arrives with the announcement of his forthcoming album Look Now, out July 21 via Dirty Hit. The video for the song, stylistically reminiscent of a 70s TV Variety Show.

PRESS HERE to pre-save Look Now, a magnificent return to form which channels classic Beatles songwriting through the prism of Animal Collective and Mac DeMarco, resulting in a record which puts Oscar’s songwriting brilliance and emotional intimacy at its fore. Track list below.

“A Song About Me,” produced by Rich Turvey (The Coral, Blossoms), shines as a perfect precursor to the album, encapsulating Oscar’s unique sonic blend of modern and nostalgic influences to mark the start of his most ambitious music to date – more expansive, more daring, more open.

“‘A Song About Me’ is a breakup song that is honest and open but self-aware. I wanted to write in a similar world to ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon or ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles,” shares Oscar on the meaning behind the new single. “A breakup song for all the people that have had their hearts broken, it’s got bit of bite but at the end of the day means well. I took influence for the sound from classic songwriters like Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and mixed them with a bit of 90s Britpop a la Verve and Oasis.”

Known for his signature sunshine lo-fi pop and unassuming, sharp songwriting, Oscar has had a momentous rise in recent years following the release of his debut album Chew The Scenery which features stand out tracks such as “Yeah!,” “21st Century Hobby,” and “Stuck.”

Oscar Lang
Look Now
Track List
Dirty Hit Records

A Song About Me
Everything Unspoken
Leave Me Alone
Blow Ur Cash
Circle Line
Take Me Apart
On God
One Foot First
When You Were A Child (feat. Molly Payton)

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