“Last Thing He Said to Me in Person” Cecile Believe

Singer/songwriter Cecile Believe has announced her new EP, Made In Heaven will drop on May 8th. With the news of the EP, Cecile Believe has shared a new video for album track “Last Thing He Said To Me In Person”. The clip from director, Zoe Chait, chronicles the past year of the artist’s life. Cecile tells us “The video for “Last Thing He Said To Me In Person” moves with the song in emotion and energy, a collage of memories from early morning after-hours to nude swimming in the Mediterranean and a lover’s last glance, we are in transit between waves of happiness and melancholy that so often go together in life.

In 2017, Cecile contributed to SOPHIE’s Grammy-nominated album Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. Co-writer and vocalist on the album, Cecile earned widespread critical acclaim for her effort.

The EP’s lead single, “Last Thing He Said To Me In Person” is a lullaby with an 808 backbone. It’s a statement of fallible truth – an ode to a moment of clarity, and a lament when that clarity is lost again.

Cecile Believe
Made In Heaven

1. Made In Heaven
2. Last Thing He Said To Me In Person
3. Living My Life Over
4. Yellowjacket
5. 7PM
6. 7PM (Accretion Disk Edit)
7. Dissociation
8. Pick Up The Phone
9. Already Come